Another Year


Monday, February 1, 2010

First Day

Well we will see how I do at keeping up with this. I will most likely not be as good at it as Melody... my little sister... but here it goes.

Today my youngest son (William) was fitted with his helmet. He is six months old and his head was not forming right. He has a pupil that was not dilating well and the doctors believe it has something to do with the pressure from his brain against the improper formation of the rear of his skull. The helmet is supposed to help form the back of his head. Anyway... he is a growing boy. He is only six months and is fitting into a twelve month old outfits.

My two oldest boys (Joshua and Matthew) are in school and went back to school today. They had both just got over an illness. My oldest (Joshua) still needs his oxygen as he was born with several health issues but is doing quite well. When he is not ill with some other illness he can go several hours without his oxygen. But he always has to have his oxygen on when he is sleeping. Because of his internal problems the doctors don't think he will live past his teens... but we shall see. They did not believe he would walk or maybe live as long as he has already. I have no problem in helping my son prove the doctors wrong.